Cherry Bomb Muffler

If you are looking for a high performance look no further than the Cherry Bomb Muffler. They pride themselves on “disturbing the peace since 1968.” In simple terms, the Cherry Bomb Muffler increases horsepower and increases more exhaust flow up to 40%!

I installed this myself without the help of any mechanic or technicians. I haven’t really had any experience much with mufflers but it is not that hard surprisingly to add the Cherry Bomb Vortex Muffler. It really does have a great tone without any diverters or baffles to deliver the highest flow possible compared to the others. The louder it is, the more I like it. Some may consider that the Cherry Bomb Muffler is a bit too loud, but I think it can be a little bit louder. I did notice that I have lost some torque but the end power is much better. I have installed these of any of my cars and highly recommend you do the same. I only installed one of one of my cars initially to test to see how it would hold up. After about a year, it was still holding up well against the winter time and has grown to be my favorite muffler of all time. I must say that this muffler will turn a lot of heads.

If you want to reduce toxic emissions and get a louder noise in the process you’re looking at the right muffler. Cherry bomb muffler delivers a louder noise because the pressure of the waves going in and out of the valves is unrestricted.

Installing a Cherry Bomb Muffler
1. Make sure you prop the car on a ramp or on a lift (lift is your best option).
2. Analyze the muffler & tailpipe shape. Make sure the exhaust system is not rusted because you will need to replace it if it is.
3. Unbolt the exhaust form the car and make sure you are moving forward (do not go backwards). If some of the parts are not rusted than you can still reuse that part. Anything rusted will be replaced.
4. Take apart the hangers from the muffler and replace with the new ones. Place the Cherry Bomb Muffler in.
5. Bolt the Vortex Muffler to the pipe but do not tighten the bolts fully yet.
6. Install new gaskets (recommended).
7. Double check everything and if it looks ready, then tighten everything and take the car off the ramp/lift.

The Cherry Bomb Muffler may be the best muffler that I have ever used. It’s priced very reasonably and works very well. If you want to reduce emissions, increase horsepower, and want a great loud noise, you’ll definitely fall in love with this vortex muffler as I have.