Muffler Installation

Cherry Bomb Mufflers are the “in” thing these days when one would like to make his car make a loud boom on the streets. Cars with this kind of exhaust are surely head turners; it makes the car have bit more power and a whole lot of angst and style. How does Cherry Bomb Muffler make a car explosive? Well, it increases the horsepower and exhaust flow to an amazing forty percent! It is almost twice the natural performance of a regular muffler.

Installing this is an easy task; it can be done by a regular car owner. There are no need for expert mechanics and car experts for this kind of car upgrade. This can be done at one’s own garage. With this, the resulting sound or tone is pleasing even without diverters or baffles. Among other muffler that offers the same effect, the Cherry Bomb Muffler provides the highest non-restricted exhaust flow possible, which in turn creates a powerful booming sound. Other consumers consider this too loud, but some people would even like to have it louder. Considering its downside, a bit of torque will be lost but the resulting power is still better as compared to the performance prior the installation.

This muffler not only significantly increases the attitude of the car, but it also gives a plus point for nature. Considering its environmental benefits, toxic emissions from the car is reduced. Hence, it not only makes the car go booming in the street but it actually help save the environment by lessening the air pollution.

As been said before, installing this is an easy task. By following these instructions, one can have the Cherry Bomb Muffler installed in no time. First, the car should be placed on a ramp or a lift; the latter is more favorable. Inspecting the exhaust system for rust is necessary in order to make the change smooth. If rust is found, replacing it should be done. When inspection is done and no rusted areas were found, unbolting the exhaust is the next step. It should be noted that one should proceed forward and not backward when unbolting. Then, the hangers should be taken apart to be replaced by the new set.

If the tasks before this are done successfully, the Cherry Bomb Muffler should be positioned within the area. The Vortex Mufflers should be bolted but not tightened. It would be best to install new gaskets as well. If everything is already in place, tightening should be done.

With this, a car is now given a new feel and a new set of attitude. Cherry Bomb Mufflers are priced reasonably and it performs well as compared to its competition. One will surely like the car more especially with its booming and outrageous sound.